Founded in 2015, Deshe Real Estate is a privately held Real Estate firm committed to positioning its investors as top priority.

Our dedication to our core values, coupled with a focus on creating yielding assets enables us to attract and invest in people the same way we invest in our assets.

Our vision and business concept is derived from our ability to plan for our client's future. People know where they were a decade ago. We at Deshe Real Estate provide our clients an option to envision where they could be financially in a decade, due to their investment portfolio. Our flawless track record for delivering exceptional results on every project, speaks for itself.

We have completed numerous projects in the Chicago area, a highly active real estate market, which includes 600 units in apartment buildings and multifamily projects. They key to our success rests on our ability to locate quality assets that our team can then work to maximize its earning potential by utilizing our specialized maintenance and construction crews with vast renovation and remodeling experience. When you couple this with our ability to collaborate with all project team members, in addition to our excellent management capabilities, they then all come together to play a key role in the success of each project.

Deshe Real Estate has offices in Chicago and Israel that provide a high level of service and response to our group which includes our partners and above all, to our investors.

Our values

At Deshe Real Estate, our investors are our top priority.

It is a manifestation of the company's concept looking a decade into the future. We truly believe in long-term partnerships based on firm foundations of mutual trust, professionalism, commitment and total integrity with all our partners, client, suppliers and employees. Our values continue to serve as a strong, consistent guideline leading us from one success to another while providing our investors with a dependable return on their investment.

to you

Deshe Real Estate's commitment extends beyond the properties that we offer people to invest in. Our vision goes a decade into the future therefore we see each investor as a true, long-term partner, to a profitable journey that all parties could benefit from.

To insure all our investors are constantly up-to-date we have a qualified client relations department to provide updates regarding existing investments and new properties on the market. In addition as part of our integrity and clarity policy we provide quarterly reports.