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Our Unique Team

Although Deshe Real Estate is a relative newcomer, it holds a successful track record and portfolio suitable for vitrine companies. A huge part of our success is credited to our unique team integrating professional real estate experts with unique knowledge of the Chicago area and marketing experts with a keen eye for investors suitable to our vision and values.

Our unique team of experts enables us to initiate, construct, renovate and manage new and existing properties we hold. As they make the greatest effort to inquire, study and learn the inside and outside of each asset, our managing and supervising work become easier while we provide a well-deserved peace of mind to all of our investors.


Mr. Deshe founder and CEO of Deshe Real Estate locating real estate and entrepreneurship holds unique knowledge, experience and deep understanding of the real estate market and yielding properties in the US.

After recognizing the business potential, he created an exclusive team that today develops investment entrepreneurships, investing in new projects in central metropolitans across the US while managing over 600 yielding properties for hundreds of investors.

Israeli Team

Meital Deshe Administrative
Mrs. Deshe operates as the company's Administrative Manager at the Israeli offices located at Tel Aviv.
Uria Refaeli Project Manager
Mr. Refaeli project manager has vast experience in managing local and global projects from helping identify the business potential to its successful completion.

USA Team

Matt Shamis Managing Principal,
Advantage Properties
Matt is the managing principal for Advantage Properties Chicago, Inc. Matt has extensive knowledge and background in the Real Estate industry with a focus in Brokerage and rental Property Management specializing in the Chicago metropolitan market.
Jordan Shamis Principal, General
Jordan is a licensed general contractor in the City of Chicago and many of the surrounding suburbs specializing in residential and commercial remodeling and new construction.
Vanessa Burciaga Director of
Vanessa joined Advantage Properties Chicago, Inc in 2018 with a background in office management, with a strong information technology knowledge base.
Jessica Chaidez Director of Leasing
Jessica joined Advantage Properties in 2019 and brings a strategic and personable approach to the home rental process.
Hernan Rodriguez Executive Assistant,
Accounting Department
Hernan joined Advantage Properties in 2019 from the Committee on Finance at the City of Chicago, with a strong understanding of project coordination, administrative assistance, and claims finance management.
Lesley Medrano Executive Assistant,
Leasing Department
Lesley joined Advantage Properties Chicago Inc in 2019, having relocated from Dallas, Texas.
Kenji Conley Portfolio Broker
Property Manager
Kenji Conley joined AP Chicago team in 2018 as a Broker and Property Manager.  Before joining the AP Chicago team, Kenji was a licensed real estate agent in Ohio.